Our mission is to make a difference in the sleep health of our customers through handcrafting the highest quality sleep products.  With a family legacy in the field of mattress manufacturing, our initial passion was to provide a range of products that greatly improved the lives of our customers.   Ergonomics of sleep, as both an art and a science, a commitment to tradition, craft and luxury are all premium signatures that separate us from our competitors.


Our Promise


Our promise is to create premium sleep products that encompass the best of the traditional craft of mattress fabrication and design.  We are committed to the highest qualified and optimum advances in the technology and science of sleep, those that have shown genuine results in getting our customers the healthiest and most comfortable sleeping environment they’ve ever experienced.   


Our Commitment


• Top Notch Manufacturing Process, Design, and Materials

• Knowledgeable & Caring Dealer Support

• Quick & Accurate Shipments

• Carbon Footprint Conscious

• Charitable Contributions from Profits

• Listen with Open Ears to our Dealer Network


Our Inspiration



Top Notch
Dealer Support

We work closely to support our dealer network to help deliver the highest quality customer experience.

Stuart Carlitz