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Eastman House's history dates back to 1866 in a three-story brick building on Washington Street in Burlington, IA.

Chittenden and Eastman Company's original mattress brand was called "Square Brand" and Square Brand Mattresses were manufactured from 1890 to the early 1970s.

Chittenden and Eastman Company issued a catalog each year. The catalog was approximately 10 inches by 14 inches and it contained 700 pages of the finest furniture and mattresses manufactured in the world. Over 100 catalogs were released, and they are currently enshrined at the Burlington Public Library in Burlington, IA, where they are considered invaluable pieces of the city's history.

In 1953, Eastman House, known for it's industry-changing innovations, invented the coil-on-coil, 25-slat boxspring.

In 1984, Eastman House trademarked "America's Best Mattress Warranty".

In 2008, bedding veteran and Eclipse licensor Stuart Carlitz, acquired Eastman House from a private equity firm. Carlitz is committed to building the highest-quality ultra-premium mattresses in the world under the Eastman House brand.

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