10 reasons why you should sleep more

Sleep is important for your body more than exercise and eating. Lack of rest can seriously affect your health; it accentuates your dark circles around the eyes and your skin aging.

Here are ten reasons to go to bed early:

1.    Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and for the entire body.

Rest is an element that regulates your body temperature and allows the nervous system to function properly.

2.    The absence of rest that you need will make you easily irritated, impatient and distracted. It will be hard for you to concentrate if you are not well rested. You will be a company not too pleasant for friends, family and coworkers.

3.    According to a report made by sleep research center at Loughborough University in the UK, each time you miss an hour from the total of 8 hours needed for a good rest, your IQ drops one unit. Imagine what will be the dissatisfaction if you’re not able to sleep properly for one week.

4.    The lack of sleep determines your power of concentration to drop. Moreover, it determines you to take irrational decisions and can lower your ability to memorize and remember something quickly.

5. If you do not get enough sleep your body weight will be affected also. The lack of sleep will affect the body’s capacity to burn calories and for this reason you will not be able to lose weight, on the contrary your body fat will increase.

6. Studies have shown that sleeping well can have an influence on your longevity. This has a huge influence over the body, more than exercise or heredity.

7. Also the immune system suffers from the lack of sleep. The body becomes weaker and you're more vulnerable to diseases and viruses.

8. Fatigue makes you nervous, even anxious. If you do not rest enough you will not be able to withstand the stress of everyday.

9. The cells of your skin and hair are renewable over night. If you do not give them the chance to do it, your face will be the testimony of a sleepless night or insufficient sleep.

10. A lack of sleep can have significant effects similar to those of alcohol. So imagine the dangers to which you expose yourself if you have to do something that  require high concentration and coordination. Such activities are driving a car or training.

If you have trouble sleeping, you always feel tired and you cannot fall asleep or wake up in the night often you should seek a doctor. You could have serious sleep disorders.


Sleep is essential but not everyone needs the same hours of sleep in order to refuel their energy. The easiest way to discover the amount of sleep that you need is to sleep at the right time (21 or 22) and ascertain how many hours you sleep without being awakened by an external source: alarm clock, noise, light or another person.