The best mattress for your family

The most important piece of bedroom is not the bed but the mattress; the quality of the mattress influences our sleep more than you might think, so choosing the best bed mattress is an important decision that must be made knowingly since most of us spend a third of life in bed. Choosing a bed mattress becomes even more important if we have problems with our spine, if we have an above average weight or if we suffer from insomnia.

Before giving a stroll through the shops mattress it is recommended that you make a quick research about the types of mattresses depending on your family needs and budget.

The main criteria that you should take into consideration

Do I need a soft mattress or a hard one?

A mattress that is too hard is not recommended because it can cause pressure points that can determine an incorrect posture of the body during the night. A mattress that is too hard in combination with an incorrect posture can cause deformities of the spine, especially when it comes to children. Our recommendation is to choose a mattress of medium hardness.

Types of Mattresses

Depending on the technology used there are several categories of mattresses, as summarized below:

Spring mattresses

The springs mattress is tradition, if you decide to the traditional mattress with springs, look for a mattress with a large number of springs and a small diameter that can support uniformly your body during sleep.

Spring mattresses wrapped individually

Compared to conventional mattresses with springs, each spring adapts to the pressure of the body weight, you will feel the benefits if your sleep partner moves a lot during the night.

Foam memory mattresses

Foam memory mattress is one of the newest technologies in the field of mattresses. They adapt to your body shape, being sensitive to its temperature, pressure points are thus reduced to a minimum, ensuring maximum comfort, but the price is a little bit higher. If you cannot buy a memory foam mattress, you can buy then a memory foam pillow.

Other features of the mattress

The thickness (height) of the mattress must be at least 15 cm (check the bed distance between the support and the edge of the bed), the mattress must have a length greater by at least 10 cm than the height of the person that will sleep in bed.  This applies if you didn’t buy already the bed frame. But if you already have a bed frame you only need to measure the length and width of bed frame interior.

The most common bed mattresses are the ones that have 200 cm or 190 cm (length) and 140 cm, 160 cm or 180 cm (wide).

There is the possibility of buying a double sided mattress, a side that can be used on summer and one on winter. If you choose a simple mattress is advisable to turn the mattress every 2-3 months (both from side to side). This is specified on the instructions of use which you will receive on your purchase.

Buying a mattress is a long term investment and a warranty of at least 5 years is a sign that the mattress has a good quality. On the market there are mattresses that have a higher warranty and our recommendation is to buy a mattress only if it has the warranty period of at least 60 months (5 years).


Hopefully these tips will help you choose the best bed mattress for you and your family.