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Eastman House

If you’ve ever wondered how one of the oldest mattress brands in the world could also be one of the most innovative, look no further than the Eastman House Collection. More than 150 years of old-world craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and innovative spirit come together in a mattress collection designed to meet the high expectations of the modern consumer. 

You expect old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail, but you also want to take advantage of the latest mattress technology. You want your mattress to be made from healthy, eco-friendly materials, but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort. You expect a high-end mattress, but you don’t want to pay a high-end price. 

The Eastman House Collection checks all the boxes with a unique approach to mattress design and manufacturing. We call it “affordable luxury.” Every Eastman House mattress delivers a level of quality and luxury that far exceeds its price.

With shades of blue and elegant hand tufting, the New Yorker captures the style and spirit of the Big Apple. Available in Firm, Plush, Pillow Top, and Euro Pillow Top, the New Yorker offers varying amounts of Talalay latex, high-density foam, individually wrapped steel coils, and other features to suit your desired level comfort and support.

With a beautifully quilted Euro Top and layer after layer of natural, sleep-inducing goodness, the Sovereign has the look and feel of a luxury mattress without the high price tag. Advanced pressure-relieving layers provide gentle support, while more than 800 individually wrapped coils and our open coil system provide durable, long-lasting comfor

Available in Plush and Firm, the Regent lives up to its regal name. Intricate quilting covers the luxurious top, while no fewer than five comfort and support layers of latex, gel, and high-density foam cradle you while you sleep. For maximum durability, the Regent features two high-performance coil units made from recycled steel.

The Dynasty offers multiple comfort and support layers to help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep, including latex, gel, and VRD Foam in variable densities. These layers rest on top of a layer of individually wrapped steel coils and another layer of open-end steel coils, all wrapped in an exquisitely designed, gray and black OppuLux cover. 

With fine ticking on the hand-tufted, charcoal top, the Onyx captures the elegance of the natural stone for which it is named. Individually wrapped pocket coils sandwiched between high-density foam provide comfort and support, while Lace Tack-and-Tuft Permatuft construction connects every layer to ensure durability and longevity.

Every Eastman House mattress delivers a level of quality and luxury that far exceeds its price.