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It Takes Time To Make A Great Mattress

There are no shortcuts to achieving affordable luxury. We believe in comfort and durability over speed. Premium materials over profits. Health and sustainability over expediency. Rigorous quality testing over speed to market. This commitment to quality represents the core values established by our founders more than 150 years ago.

For generations, Eastman House has incorporated the latest technologies into our manufacturing process to remain at the forefront of mattress innovation. However, there is no substitute for the human element and painstaking detail that go into every mattress we create. There is no substitute for old-world craftsmanship. There is no substitute for hand tufting, which not only adds beauty, but also stops materials from shifting and makes the mattress last longer. 

It takes time to make a great mattress. We consider it time well-spent.

We’ve developed a number of handcrafted mattress models to suit the varying needs of our customers in terms of comfort, support, and cost. The high-end materials and features include combinations of:

New Zealand wool, cotton, silk, and other natural materials

  • Pure, all-natural Talalay latex, nature’s most comfortable sleeping material

  • Non-toxic, open-cell foams to promote cooling

  • High-density memory foam

  • Individually wrapped pocket coils and open coils made from durable, recycled steel

  • Patented Spinal Zone technology to support proper spinal alignment

  • Zoned Quilt technology for targeted support where you need it most

  • Amish-made foundation

To learn more about the materials and manufacturing process that produce affordability luxury, the hallmark of Eastman House since 1866, contact one of our retailers today.

Why Purchase an Eastman House Mattress

Attention To Detail

Our artisans employ time-tested methods in the art of mattress making.

Luxurious Design

Our mattresses are designed to express luxurious comfort at an affordable price.


Eastman House represents over 150 years of mattress making tradition.