1866 Our Brand's Legacy Begins

1975 Company Relocates

Mattress Development Purchases Eastman House

Coming 2019 191,000 sq. ft. State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in East Windsor, NJ


The Sovereign by Eastman House

The Quintessence by Chittenden & Eastman


Mattress Tufting

Mattress tufting is a traditional method of ensuring that the upholstery within a mattress remains in place thereby giving the mattress surface a uniform feel.  Tufting is done by hand on a machine and is both an art and a craft. Tufting is one of the hallmarks of a fine mattress. Come and test a hand-tufted mattress today. 

Science has proven that positive performance is affected by the quality of your sleep.


Eastman House represents over 150 years of mattress making tradition.

Attention to Detail

Our artisans employ time-tested methods in the art of mattress making.


Our mattresses are designed to express luxurious comfort at an affordable price.

Reflect Back in time and relax when life and quality of sleep were essential. It Takes Time to Make a Great Mattress!


Chittenden & Eastman began in Burlington, Iowa along the banks of the Great Mississippi River where American workers built our railroads and harvested fields of corn and grain. As a leading U.S. mattress manufacturer of quality sleep, we take pride in producing every Chittenden & Eastman mattress. We are committed to excellence … creating each mattress as if it were for the people in our lives who matter the most! Chittenden & Eastman is now headquartered in New Jersey and we manufacture our mattresses worldwide in over 60 countries. Our heritage at Chittenden & Eastman continues to be formed by the pursuit of a better night’s sleep.

Inside every Chittenden & Eastman House Mattress, you’ll discover multi-tiered coil technology, handcrafted tufting, natural wool for luxurious comfort, natural latex for comfortable longevity, and natural fibers for temperature control. 

Dual Vertical Support

Highly durable performance steel coils, Increased coil counts for extra comfort, Longer lasting coils prevent sagging and setting self-ventilating to reduce heat.

Quantum™ Edge

LifeEdge™ Narrow diameter Quantum coil side rails, Steel coils are 26% more durable than  foam and bend 24% easier with less wear and tear on adjustable bases, Compresses, folds, and roll-packs.

Natural Wool

Our pure New Zealand ORGANIC WOOL is intuitively blended with a hint of White Jasmine flora for softness.  ORGANIC WOOL delivers total-body comfort with unrivaled breathability, humidity control and moisture wicking, assisting your body’s natural temperature-regulation process.

Eco-Friendly Talalay Latex

Talalay Latex, a sustainable extract from the rubber tree,  is nature’s perfect material for making comfortable long lasting mattresses. Latex is also antimicrobial and dust-mite free.