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We’ve reinvented the luxury mattress for the modern lifestyle, blending old-world craftsmanship with innovative technology to meet the high standards of our customers. See our collections.

It Takes Time to Make a Great Mattress

For more than 150 years, Eastman House has been handcrafting luxury mattresses the old-fashioned way, offering a combination of comfort, support, and value that no other brand can match. Although mattresses have changed over the years, the thoughtfulness that goes into choosing each high-end, sustainable material and constructing each mattress, layer by layer from the inside out, has remained the same. We believe everyone deserves the affordable luxury of an Eastman House mattress. After all, every day is better when you wake up from a good night’s sleep. 

Our Collections

Chittenden & Eastman

An homage to our company’s founders who set such high standards for quality, the Chittenden & Eastman Collection represents the upper echelon of luxury mattresses. Each ultra-premium mattress model is a work of art, both aesthetically and structurally.

Eastman House

Our flagship collection represents more than 150 years of tradition, providing luxurious comfort at an affordable price. Each mattress model is the product of time-honored craftmanship, modern technology, precision engineering and attention to detail.

How We Create Affordable Luxury

Like we’ve always said, it takes time to make a great mattress. It takes premium, sustainable materials, like natural wool, pure Talalay latex, high-density foam, and recycled steel coils. It takes old-fashioned hand-tufting by talented mattress makers. Most importantly, it takes the core values instilled by our founders more than 150 years ago to create a mattress that lives up to the Eastman House name.

A Tradition of Mattress Quality and Innovation

The history of Eastman House can be traced back to 1866 along the banks of the Mississippi River in Burlington, Iowa. In a three-story brick building on Washington Street, a writer and a dentist got together to form a furniture business and retail store that would soon become Chittenden & Eastman.